What Is Google AdWords And Why Use It?

First of all, what is Google AdWords? Great question! AdWords (Google AdWords) is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads. The ad service is largely focused on keywords.

Businesses that use AdWords can create relevant ads using keywords that people who search the Web using the Google search engine would use. The keyword, when searched for triggers your ad to be shown. These are often referred to as search ads, which are among some of the most popular.

Here are some reasons to use Google AdWords for your business:

  1. Google itself has actually been branded a verb. Such as someone saying just Googled the answer, or hold on I am Googling it right now. Google is the world’s largest search engine platform. It has billions of searches a month, and over a trillion searches in just a one-year period of time!
  2. When people search on Google, they may be looking for something. For example, how to fix the dishwasher, best marketing agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan, or even best pizza place near me. This is also known as intent. They are looking to find the answer to some question, help them solve a problem, or get a suggestion. If you are a business, this can help customers get answers and help drive prospects to your door.
  3. With Google AdWords, you only get charged when people click on a certain part of your ads. So the Return on Investment or ROI has a good chance to pay off. This process does not just happen overnight, every business, market, and industry are different, but with an integrated marketing approach, and with the right tools in place, this could be one of the best marketing initiatives you make.
  4. Lastly, as a business, it can help you find out more about your market while generating high-quality traffic. Learning new keywords that users are typing in and searching for to get their questions answered about the product or services you offer can help you better understand your potential clients. Since their interest is generated, it can create awareness among consumers which leads to higher quality traffic because they become informed and interested.

Like what you read? For more information on how Google AdWords could be beneficial to your business, or for a Google AdWords consultation, please contact us and we would be happy to help. We are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan but proudly serve and have served clients in 38 states and 4 countries for Google AdWords, SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, and Website Design. Think your industry is too weird or niche for use with AdWords? Call us today! In our mind, the stranger the better.

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