Facebook Changed Their Comment Ranking Algorithm

Facebook Comment Algorithm Ranking Update

As always just when you think you fully understand Facebook marketing they change it again! In the most recent round of changes we actually paid attention because this algorithm change affects not only businesses but also personal profiles. This update to the ranking algorithm specifically relates to comments on posts. Comments with specific factors will rank higher than others. The changes will be applied to comments on popular pages and on posts from people with large followings. Facebook users will have control over these settings, and they will get to opt out of these changes.

Facebook is making the comment ranking changes in response to the increasing problems in public comment sections, bad comments are distracting from the purpose of the posts and can reduce credibility of legitimate posts.

The updated comment section is broken down into to four ranking factors:

  1. The first ranking factor is Integrity Signals, which are a measure of authenticity without baiting other Facebook users to react to the comment. Comments that bait users to react, follow or share, comment, or stars in exchange for trivial actions.
  2. Additionally, Facebook takes User Indicated Preferences through polls into consideration. These polls are used as an indicator of how users want their comment section to look.
  3. User Interaction Signals are a based on positive rankings from verified users and accounts a user already follows. This will show the comments that are Most Relevant.
  4. Facebook also considers Moderation Signals, which are comprised of the rates at which people hide and delete comments.

Now that you know, you can better write your post and hone your strategies to ensure you capture the or at least target the right signals.