Client Spotlight – Kelli B.

Meet Kelli B! Kelli is an amazing business woman and entrepreneur. She opened her first business, Lice & Easy in 2015. Being a nurse and experiencing head lice firsthand after her children attended camp, she was frustrated with current treatments and their lack of effectiveness. Kelli began searching for scientifically based solutions which then took her down the path of opening a lice clinic to help others.

In 2019 Kelli took on a new business, BOARD30. BOARD30 is a new resistance band based system that is a low impact, HIIT workout. This workout blends the most effective techniques from various workout genres such as yoga, Pilates, calisthenics, cardio, strength training, and stretching. Because BOARD30 uses multiple anchor points, you have endless variations of exercise, while incorporating full body movements that can be personalized to any fitness level. Resistance bands create constant tensions, giving you a full body workout in just 30 minutes! “I love that even in this busy life we all seem to be moving in, you can get a great workout in minimal time and because it’s resistance band based, it is not only extremely safe and injury resistance, but it is also great for folks just getting back into working out, especially after an injury.” Her favorite part? She loves that each class is held in a small, boutique style setting that allows for individualized attention, which can be appealing to many people. Kelli wants a studio that isn’t intimidating but one that is inviting to people of all fitness levels.

The BOARD30 Arvada studio is located in the Village of Five Parks in Arvada. Kelli hopes to have her soft opening the third week of September and a grand opening in early October. Numerous people have reached out to Kelli regarding the BOARD30 workout and hopes that BOARD30 will expand everywhere so everyone can get to experience this powerful workout!

Besides Kelli being an incredible business woman and entrepreneur, we wanted to get to know some of her favorite things:

  • Favorite Coffee?

-X2. Large Flat White made with almond milk and an extra shot…

  • If you could take a month off work, where would you travel to?

– Lake Tahoe the ENTIRE time. Doesn’t matter what time of year. Skiing in the winter, lake fun in the summer. Lake Tahoe is my happy place 🙂

  • Favorite Food Indulgence?

-Sushi, specifically from Sushi Den in Denver

  • Best Month to Visit Denver and what activities do you recommend?

-Ahh, hard question…every month is great depending on your interests. Summer and fall have fabulous weather but if you love to ski, winter and spring are the best. If just visiting the city and environs: summer and early fall would be my choice. Make sure to eat at Sushi Den and then hit Red Rocks for a show!

  • What’s the most adventurous thing you have done? Is there anything you haven’t done but would want to try?

– Most adventurous to date: Definitely moving from the safety of a career in the medical field to trying entrepreneurship! Owning my own business has been both challenging and rewarding. Many lessons learned both good and bad but never boring.

Adventures to try: would love to ski Japan, Canada and the Alps! Love the mountains in Colorado but it makes me hungry for more. A little closer to home: rafting the Colorado through the Grand Canyon. That is one that has always been on the bucket list 😉

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