June 2020 Client Spotlight

Our June Client Spotlight is BOARD30 Global, a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Boutique fitness franchise! At the core of this new fitness franchise on the rise is Floery Mahoney. Floery previously owned a Pilates studio until she stumbled on a new workout approach that ties resistance bands, yoga, Pilates, circuit training and HIIT workouts into a whole-body, 30-minute fitness system. She cut her regular 90-minute cardio then strength training sessions down to a 30-minute high-intensity studio workout and saw results unlike ever before. Floery experimented with and perfected her training before launching the BOARD30 fitness system starting in Santa Fe, New Mexico and spreading worldwide to franchise owners.  The high-intensity interval training workouts that are incorporated into BOARD30’s program are powerful. They require less time but your full energy for a quick period before your body moves into stress mode! With no heavy weights or intimidating machinery, BOARD30 is a unique way for people of all fitness levels to target their muscles with a low-impact, personalized full-body movement experience. BOARD30 Studios are popping up globally as a hot new fitness franchise and we absolutely love all the studio owners we work with! 🙂