Why Choose Us?

We Do This Work Because We Care

Internet Marketing sounds tough, right? Well, it can be, but when you work with Maltese Marketing it isn’t so bad. We are a growing business and we know that the only way to grow is through communication, education & honesty. We love helping other companies who want to grow and take their businesses to the next level. We use a complementary mix of both digital and traditional marketing strategies.

Maltese Marketing firmly believes that education is a major part of the internet marketing process. When you engage them to help optimize your website and grow your online brand their consultants will explain what they are doing every step of the way. Maltese Marketing feels that this not only builds a trusting relationship but also provides clients with “lasting value”.

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Maltese Marketing helps clients locally, around the United States & Canada, and most recently in Europe. Why call it Maltese Marketing when they are a U.S. based company? Simply put, the owner and guy writing this paragraph, Matt Muscat is 100% Maltese and proud. If you are looking for a full-service digital marketing agency look no further than Maltese Marketing!