Google JavaScript Support for AMP & GSC Issues

Earlier this year, Google made a special announcement at their Developer’s conference about supporting JavaScript for their Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Since, AMP is a light-weight, stripped down version of the original web page, there usually is not much room for customizing, especially with JavaScript.

  • JavaScript Support for AMP

At its AMP Conference earlier this year, Google introduced the preview of <amp-script> to developers and recently announced that it is generally available.

As explained in Google’s announcement, <amp-script> is an AMP component that runs JavaScript in a separate Worker thread, allowing for adding custom JavaScript to an AMP page while keeping its speed. It also allows for sharing code across AMP and non-AMP pages.

The new <amp-script> is compatible with frameworks such as React, Angular, and jQuery, among others. It also has some constraints, including a limit on script size and API support.

Google also made an announcement that they are looking into some Google Search Console Consolidation Issues, which could affect canonical URLs.

  • Google Search Console Consolidation Issues

Google made some changes back in February that focused on consolidating around the canonical URL, which means the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) and mobile devices will all be counted towards the main URL’s data in the performance report. This may be happening correctly for some sites but not others, and Google is investigating this issue. As Google Search Console has key reporting & performance elements that can help businesses determine how their Accelerated Mobile Pages are behaving, it is important to monitor this issue and make adjustments if need be.

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